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Entrepreneurship Education for Youth Development

Entrepreneurship Education for Youth Development

Social entrepreneurship is known for addressing society’s most pressing issues and challenges. In our present time, social entrepreneurship is needed, more than ever, to serve the most vulnerable populations by confronting the challenges on the ground. It can therefore be a powerful tool to help fight youth unemployment and boost the economic growth through the introduction of innovative technologies, products, and services. 

 Becoming an entrepreneur is not an obvious choice for a refugee due to many hindrances such as lack of proper education, resources, and funding. Given the numerous challenges faced by the individuals and communities in Al-Baqa’a Refugee Camp in Jordan, such as unemployment and poverty, the idea of Bloom series 2 was born. 

Bloom series 2 is an intensive 5-week Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program tailored to our champions at The Champ Camp. The program aims to foster new opportunities for the young champs, allowing them to develop and implement solutions to social, cultural, and environmental issues in the their societies. Evidently, the program helps facilitate new initiatives that will improve individuals’ well-being and the overall atmosphere in the communities at Al-Baqa’a. 

As an Emotional Fitness Coach, I believe that developing and instilling the right mindset is the key to providing our champs with a well-rounded and impactful learning experience. Bloom series 2 is not just about teaching entrepreneurship, it is more so about empowering the champs with an entrepreneurial mindset that can help open their minds to entrepreneurship as a career option.

The program was designed to entail 6 main pillars to cover the topic of entrepreneurship: Think, Learn, Plan, Finance, Market, and Act. These 6 simple basis were covered through informative and interactive activities and tasks carried out during the sessions. Therefore, learning about entrepreneurship encouraged the champs to think outside the box, to brainstorm and think critically, to learn that failures are normal, and to persist regardless of turbulences, as these are lessons that will only further motivate them to enhance their creative and innovative visions. 

Over the five-week period, the champs developed their social entrepreneurial attitudes, behaviors, and skills. Creative and critical thinking, teamwork and collaboration, leadership and public speaking skills are some of the valuable skills the champs have gained and developed throughout the program. Since funding is a key factor for any entrepreneur and particularly refugees, the winning team of each group – males and females – received seed funding to kickstart their projects and bring them to life.

Being an entrepreneur is about making life better not only for oneself but for others around us.  With Bloom series 2, the champs learned how to create and iterate a business idea, to identify new opportunities that solve the challenges they are faced with, and to foster creativity, collaboration, and confidence at an early age. The program also helped the champs experience entrepreneurship as a self-empowerment tool, one that boosts their self-confidence, and most importantly empowers them to contribute and make a difference in their communities.

Today’s champs are tomorrow’s leaders. I am beyond proud of how every single champ progressed and developed over this short and intensive five-week program. Each and every single one of them beautifully thrived in this setting and their accomplishments are a testament to their outstanding potential and commitment. 

Dareen Kotob is an emotional fitness coach and motivational speaker. She coaches and inspires individuals to achieve meaningful and lasting change in their lives by building and developing healthy habits of mind. With a strong belief that individuals have the ability to bring about positive change in their own lives, Dareen aims to help people strengthen their mental and emotional fitness.

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